Swift Kik

For over 44 years Swift Kik has been performing the best in rock music. Based out of St. Joseph MO, Swift Kik has been performing throughout the four state area. Featuring multiple singers, full harmonies and twin lead guitars as well as twin keyboardists, Swift Kik will quickly become one of your favorite local bands.

Swift Kik provides the biggest hits from rocks biggest bands for your club, party or festival. Swift Kik is a fully contained performing band including a state of the art PA system and light show. We also have professional quality back line for larger shows where production is provided.

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Swift Kik is:


Barry Poe

Guitar & Vocals

Barry handles most of the lead vocals but also covers background vocals  and is a co-lead guitarist in Swift Kik.


Kevin Snowden

Keyboards & Vocals

Kevin covers lead and background vocals as well as keyboards.


Ron Tiller

Electric & Acoustic Guitars

Ron is a founding member and co-lead guitarist and has been the only constant member for over 41 years.


Rick Clark

Drums & Vocals

Rick is a founding member handling drums and percussion as well as lead and background vocals.


Ben Leimkuhler

Bass & Vocals

Ben plays bass and covers the 4th vocal part that gives the harmonies in Swift Kik a full, professional sound.